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Post Springald: The Medieval Siege Weapon That Changed Warfare Read More: https://www.sla

Springald: The Medieval Siege Weapon That Changed Warfare
By:*NICHOLAS WILSON/AUG. 25, 2023 2:59 PM EST Of Slach Gear News

Photo link:

During the Medieval era, armies utilized all sorts of devastating contraptions to breach fortifications such as castles. One of the most famous of these tools was the ballista. But many may not be aware of the ballista's little brother, the springald.

Although not as prevalent as the ballista, the springald pops up in film and television now and again. It even got a nod in the final season of "Game of Thrones." But when it is portrayed, you likely mistake it for a ballista, as both contraptions appear the same on the surface. The springald had a wooden frame, and, like the ballista, used a crank lever to create tension in a bowstring to fire a projectile from a bow mounted on top. It got its power from two bow levers inside the device. This projectile-throwing device was prominent in late 12th-century and early 13th-century siege warfare. So, what separated it from the ballista, and why was it eventually phased out?

[Featured image by Roberto Valturio (14051475) via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and scaled | CC BY-SA 3.0]

Read More:

Figures don't it

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