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Old 07-17-2008, 11:00 PM
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Red face One to piss off some Chiefs

New Navy Service Uniform Available
July 11, 2008
Navy News

Washington - The new E1-E6 Service Uniform (SU) will be available for purchase in Great Lakes and California Navy Exchanges starting July 31, according to NAVADMIN 190/08.

The SU is for year-round wear and replaces the summer white and winter blue uniforms. It is authorized to be worn for office work, watchstanding, liberty or business ashore when prescribed as the uniform of the day.

The new uniform is the result of significant research and input from the fleet.

"Over 500 Sailors participated in a six-month wear-test, evaluating four diverse uniform concepts, designs and colors," said Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Mark Ferguson. Overwhelmingly, the approved SU design was selected above the other three.

Sailors will have up to 24 months to purchase the new uniform, depending on their duty station location. The mandatory wear date for all E1-E6 personnel is July 2010. Clothing replacement allowances for fiscal years 2008 and 2009 were increased to cover the purchasing of two sets of new uniforms by July 2010.

Basic SU components include a short-sleeved khaki shirt for males and a short sleeved khaki overblouse for females; black trousers with black belt and silver buckle for males and black beltless slacks for females.

Collar insignia consists of miniature silver anodized metal rank insignia for E2-E6. Petty officers will wear large silver anodized metal rank insignia on their garrison cap. Males must wear a white undershirt.

Optional components include a black, Eisenhower-style jacket with epaulets, black pullover v-neck sweater and black skirt, beret and handbag for females

The SU will be available for purchase via Navy Exchange uniform centers as follows:

July 08, Great Lakes and California
Oct 08, Northwest and Hawaii
Jan 09, Gulf region and Millington, Tenn.
April 09, Naval District Washington
July 09, Tidewater
Oct 09, Southeast
Jan 10, Northeast
April 10, Europe/Japan/Guam

Existing E1-E6 summer white and winter blue uniforms will continue to be authorized for wear until the July 2010 mandatory wear date.

Reserve component Sailors will receive their uniforms via their respective Navy Operational Support Centers.
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Old 07-19-2008, 10:05 AM
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It sure sounds to me that the Navy and the "Sea Going Bellhops " are gonna be hard to tell apart.


What am I doing here??
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new uniform

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