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Old 03-21-2023, 11:28 AM
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Have no doubts about it, it is still our people themselves who control This Great Nation of Ours! And only when we give up this Constitutionally-Guaranteed Right, do we also surrender our nation, our liberties, and our very lives as well, to those who would be kings and dictators! (by hrt-3/21/2023)

And Our Great Nation was not constructed upon the bravado or the grandiosely of a connected few? It was rather created upon the righteous demands and dictates of We the People and it is only when we all lose sight of the facts that we envisioned, fought for, created, and even died to preserve, that we pay a great disservice to our beloved country – and this, only when we ourselves surrender those glorious rights that millions of Gallant American Men and Women gave their all to secure - for ourselves and our posterity as well!

And these are the sacred-blessings that were gifted to us all by Those Magnificent Americans of Times Past! And no one who has ever wormed their way into power or control has the right (nor the mandate) to strip-away these magnificent- kudos that were paid for in the blood, sweat, tears and toil of Our Gallant Founders and that too is a fact!!

So if I tend to zealously harp-upon this particular subject, then let me also remind you that freedom and liberty are your heritage and your rights! And that these “Patriotic-Holies” are not up for grabs by any foreign entity, or even ‘A Fellow American’, no matter how highly-placed they may be, or how regally they demand to be treated!

For this is still Our Nation People - love it, and protect its rights and its freedoms or damned well depart from it now! And let no politician, no blow-hard, and especially no wanna-be dictator - ever rip freedom from your mighty grasp! And unless we ourselves surrender our liberties (without a fight), then these blessings (that millions before us - sweated, bled, and even died to secure) - must forever be sacrosanct – And so it is!!

"And if this (rhetoric) be treasonous, then let us (once again) - make the most of it!" by - The Illustrious Patrick Henry [1736-1799]

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