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Conversation Between sn-e3 and Packo
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  1. sn-e3
    03-05-2009 10:02 AM
    Tom I have appointment coming up with VA contractors for evaluation I'm looking forward to the end of this one way or the other I'm not appealing the 70% but I'm going for unemployability. I'll keep you in touch.
  2. Packo
    02-26-2009 11:32 AM
    Chris....I have never seen these messages before until today. I am so sorry I didn't respond. Going from 70 to 100 in PTSD can be difficult especially since you are already retired. I think for you, unemployablility is the way to go and I would say have a much better chance. They can be stingy w/100% ratings. Doc Fred is 70 plus 30 for 100. I felt that he probably could have gotten the 100 due to him leaving work because of his PTSD, but except for some state bennies, it pretty much works out the same. I'm 100% Total and Permanent, and 70 for my hip but also retired medically due to my PTSD, so I had no problem getting the T&P. You'll still be able to get CHAMPVA for your bride as mine and Fred's have. I think they will grant your unemployablility, they usually do when you hit 70. That's funny though....I was 70 for PTSD and 70 for my hip and found it funny it added up to 90. Funny system. When I hit 70 for PTSD my PVA rep sent me an unemployablility app. I told him I would not need it as was filing for medical retirement which should put me to 100. To his surprise they did it without another C&P but two statements from my boss...a Psychiatrist, and my VA Shrink. If you can get your VA shrink to say you are unemployable due to your PTSD....go for the 100. If not....go for unemployablility. Again, I have never visited this page so I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you. Have you heard anything on it since Januaray??? Take care ol' buddy.

  3. sn-e3
    01-03-2009 07:33 PM
    Packo I got a letter from the VA they upped my rating from 50% ptsd to 70% ptst and I still have 30% agent orange diebetes so my over all rating is now 90% I summitted a 21-8940 for unemployabiliy do you think I have a chance.?
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